Chatbots that don't suck
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A voice and messaging platform driving convos that don't suck.

CONVRG makes your brand’s voice heard in today’s changing digital world.

CONVRG is a B2B omni-channel automated voice and messaging platform for enterprise brands that want to reach their consumer on messaging apps and voice assistants, using the same brand voice they have invested so heavily in.

Unlike other chatbot platforms, our proprietary technology uses machine learning to adopt the language of the brand, creating conversational experiences that are elegant and purposeful.

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Meet the Team

Second Generation Messaging Entrepreneurs (SM) - we've been doing this since 2015 and have worked with world-class enterprise companies.





Gregg Spiridellis
CEO and CoFounder, JibJab

Josh Jacobs
President, Maven
Ex President, Kik Platform

Claudia Hollingsworth
Founder and CEO, i2CEO
Ex CEO, Gumps / Ex President, H.D. Buttercup


Join Us

We are always on the lookout for talented human beings. Reach out to if you think you’d be a serendipitous fit.

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